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  • FREE Ping Network Checker

    FREE Ping Network Checker

    This application can test internal and external addresses and provide you with alerts to let you know if and when it has failed. There are […]

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    Page Monitor / Stock Monitor

    Over the last year, its almost been impossible to get hold of graphics cards! I’ve used this as one example for the need of a […]

  • Folder Security Viewer

    This software supports network administrators to access the correct security role for a specific folder without having to load windows explorer which will load the […]

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    Hass Notes App

    So I’ve recently started developing a mini app nothing big or clunky but the ability to start making notes and store them either as top-level […]

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    FREE COVID-19 Global Stats

    So with all this downtime and ability to go nowhere I thought it might be useful for some people/companies to keep tabs on the data […]

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    FREE CSV and TXT Splitter

    Hey everyone! I’ve been looking for a really simple CSV or TXT file splitter for around 30 minutes… I thought there must be one out […]

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    Unlimited Postcode Search

    Free Unlimited UK Postcode search Hey! So, I was looking for the best way to get a postcode and address database with road names but […]